Columbia River fishing opportunities 2023

plus some big news moving forward!


Columbia River WALLEYE fishing!

As always, our walleye fishing for this spring and summer of 2023 is a great fishing opportunity and is looking EXCELLENT near the tri cities! Fishing this fall (2022) has shown great promise for the coming year, as we have seen lots and lots of smaller one year fish around. After a few more months of terrorizing the forage fish in the area they will be perfect  to catch plenty of eater sized fish each day.

This year we will be focusing on walleye from January 1st clear until mid June. This means tons of availability to get out with your group. This fishery is perfect for any angler of any Age, skill level or disability! Nothing can hold you back from enjoying a bounty of Columbia River walleye and we remain dedicated to making your trip one to remember!

We got an upgrade!

In September of 2022 we finally retired our trusty 23′ north river scout.  But we also got the chance to purchase a 26′ River wild workhorse!  We have been fishing from this platform for a few months now and so far it is making an epic work boat with tons of elbow room and all of the bells and whistles that we could possibly imagine to make all of our trips better, and more comfortable!  It will not be long until we have our pelican fueling logos back on this one.

Columbia River STURGEON fishing!

These fish are among the most reliable in the river.  They’re so big that they have to eat LOTS, which makes for some awesome fishing opportunity!  In 2023 we will be focusing on sturgeon alongside with the walleye from January 1st all the way until mid June with some EPIC fishing in the month of November as well.

This is your chance to get out with your group and see how tough you really are!! These fish are unlike anything else that you are going to see in fresh water.  Plant your feet, set the hook and HANG ON!

oversized sturgeon fishing

SALMON Fishing on the snake and columbia rivers

This year in 2022 it was the year of HIGH cold water which made for absolutely perfect conditions for salmon to migrate, and they did!  Our schedule in 2023 is going to look a lot like it did in 2022.


This season, just like always is going to be on a first come-first serve list. In our area around the tri cities our springer fishing is not always a smash hit, but can be very good. This is our reason for having a list every year for springer season. If our fishing is proving to be on the better side we begin to reach out to our customers in order of when they called us, and work our way down the list.


This season has quickly become our prime-time Salmon season for the entire year.  These fish are consistent biters and EXCELLENT tablefare which has made them highly sought after.  This year we will direct 100% of our focus to our sockeye fishery from around the 20th of June until the end of July.  We are opening our books for this season on January 1st  2023, so Don’t slouch on this one. Hurry and call 509-440-2267 or go HERE  to contact us via email to get a day booked because these dates don’t last very long at all.


Salmon fishing in the fall of 2023 may bring some different fishing opportunity with us. Our salmon fishing in the hanford reach has been a little bit on the tough side for the last couple years. So depending on run size we may be traveling to the Columbia River gorge in places like Drano Lake, the mouth of the klickitat river, and the mouth of the deschutes river, stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and instagram to see more upcoming information about this.



Meet our new captain coming 2023!


WELCOME- Capt. Cole Risley

Cole is a Tri cities WA native who has fished the waters of the Pacific Northwest his entire life.  Being surrounded by great fishermen growing up has taught him the ways of the fish. He is a very, very fishy guy! No doubt that he will be a great addition to the team that is very personable and brings lots of passion and skill to the table.

His will be fishing from our new 24′ North river scout. we have added this boat to our arsenal because of what an incredible, safe, and efficient platform our last north river was for us. Also because we have a Great fisherman to Captain it!

This means that we will have WAY more availability through the year to accommodate more guests! In 2022 there was not enough days it had seemed, and we were not able to get everyone on the water that wanted to fish with us. So this should help with that, especially during our busy seasons!

Book a trip with Capt. Cole Risley and you’ll have an excellent day on the river!!!!