Pacific Northwest Fishing


Salmon fishing is what the Pacific Northwest is mostly known for around the world! With many of the fisheries in Alaska facing hardship, you can be assured that the Columbia River has the hard fighting, excellent eating Chinook (kings), Coho (silvers), and Sockeye fishing that dreams are made of, and we are a top notch salmon fishing guide service! Our locations vary so much for our Salmon fishing but the main areas are Drano Lake, Klickitat River mouth, Hanford Reach out of Ringold, Hanford Reach out of Vernita Bridge, Wanapum Dam, and Brewster, WA. If you’re from out of town please ask us for recommendations on hotels closest to our fishing area, or give THE LODGE AT COLUMBIA POINT a call to reserve a very nice room. and if your curious about our rules and regulations check on Washington’s department of fish and wildlife regulations page.

Our most famous run of Kings begins in August when the fish enter the Columbia River from the ocean for their migration to spawning grounds in the Hanford Reach. We follow this run of fish from the beginning to the end. We start by fishing Buoy 10 in the Astoria, Oregon area and work our way to the Columbia River Gorge through the first week of September. Then off to the Hanford Reach until mid-late October for one of the most epic Salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest.

Spring King Salmon fishing opportunity is becoming less and less every year, but we do travel to Drano Lake in the Columbia River Gorge to fish for these in late April and March.

Seasons can be very touch and go in the spring so if you would like to get in on this action please call and we will get a first come – first serve list made for this fishery.

Summer King Salmon is nothing short of a blast! These fish migrate through an extreme legnth of river to get to their spawning areas and with colder river temperatures and an earlier season these fish tend to cut very nice for a long time. We catch these giants starting in Mid-June in the Hanford Reach during our Sockeye Fishing with lighter gear so HANG ON you never know when you’re going to hook into one of these “June Hawgs”.

We continue to move north from there with these fish, we then move on to fish Wanapum Dam, Chelan Falls, Wells Dam, and then up to the Brewster pool where most of our fishing for Summer Kings takes place.

We begin fishing for this run of Salmon in Mid-August in the mouth of the Columbia River at the Buoy 10 fishery. Then later, as they start making their way into the river in high numbers in Mid- October/November we fish the mouth of the Klickitat River in the Columbia River Gorge. This fishery can be very fast-paced and fun for any angler.

This is one of the hands-down most fun fishing trips you’ll have. Our Sockeye fishing on the Columbia River is typically our most action-packed season of all. We begin fishing for these hard fighters in the Hanford Reach around the middle of June (June 16th) and stick around there until about the 10th of July where we then move our operations upriver to where our fishing will be the most successful. From Wanapum Dam to Wells Dam or the Brewster pool where most of our Sockeye and Summer King fishing will take place.

Our Sockeye fishing in the Brewster pool is one that you dont want to miss as these fish are extremely cooperative and bite VERY well!

We would love to be your destination salmon fishing guide!!!

There are many perks to choosing the Pacific Northwest for your salmon fishing experience! Come to Washington State and see what our amazing salmon runs are all about, you won’t be disappointed!



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