SOCKEYE season 2023 (hanford & up)

fishing trip in Brewster Washington for sockeye salmon
fishing near Richland Washington

Sockeye fishing near the tri cities (hanford reach)

        This is the beginning of the season that is roughly a month and a half long, which explains why we wait around anxiously for 10 and a half months for it to begin.  For us fishermen a prime fish to eat, and a fish that’s willing to bite is an absolute dream come true. Typically our sockeye run shows up in force to the tri cities area in mid June which it did again this year. this is one of the most target rich salmon fisheries that we have in eastern Washington as the fish are non-stop blowing by us as were anchored, fishing for them.  HOWEVER, our high water that we typically have that time of year in which we rely heavily upon for the fish to bite well only lasted about the first week or so.  unfortunately for us this made for some rather unpredictable fishing in the area.  Some days were absolutely lights out, while others were just dud.  We figured a couple of things out, like moving out when the water fell off that helped big time. But finding areas in the hanford reach with the heaviest current possible seemed to be the golden ticket! luckily we’ve had lots of days on the water fishing for these guys and we were able to get some action out of the fish each and every day with plenty of opportunity.

         With the way that our dams control our water level in the hanford reach it was and usually is pretty important that the fishing day starts as early as possible.  We know that the 4:00 departure times aren’t easy for everyone but its totally necessary!  When the water levels dropped off, so does the fishing!

mid Columbia sockeye fishing
how to fish for sockeye in the hanford reach
sockeye fishing near Richland wa
salmon fishing in the hanford reach

Sockeye fishing in Brewster WA

            The Brewster sockeye season is our bread, and butter season in eastern wa, and one of the most sought after trips that we offer. That being said, this is the one season of the year that we look forward to the most! it is a fish-in-a-barrel situation and an absolute BLAST!

            BUT this season was one that we will always look back on as the season of learning.  The fishing at the start of the Brewster season was something of legend, the fish were more willing to bite than ever before.  But for some reason it was rather short lived…  The fish were there, but the thermal barrier was never set just right, some rainy or cold nights for the duration of the season had fish on the move up the okanogan pretty well the whole season. there were times when it had seemed like the weather and the river would heat up and some fish would push back down into the comfort of the cool Columbia River and it sometimes, would make for a much better bite.  The ticket this year seemed to be, find a big pod of fish somewhere in the pool and camp on them as long as physically possible, and eventually you’d pester them enough and they would start to bite.  After almost a decade of fishing this fishery, we were finally forced to put a lot more effort out there to learn more about this place to provide better opportunity for our customers.  For that, we are grateful as it made us better fishermen in the long run!


The passing of a Legend

Sam Baird. A great guy with a great sense of humor, an extraordinary love for the sport, and a huge heart. 

Sometimes, especially during the long busy hustle of the busy season for a fishing guide we clam up, run our own program, stop answering our phones, lose touch with the things that make us who we are (relationships with friends, some family, and totally forget about being social).  BUT not this guy.  He was very proud of all of his family and the life that he had built, always went out of his way to chat with everyone, provide a laugh and keep everything light and fun, even if it was an extremely sarcastic jab at himself.

Although we were not super close all of the time, he did always make it a point to reach out and make sure everything was going well for me. And if it wasn’t, he would try to help with bookings or fishing or at least give a good laugh!

Sam was a true gem that could find humor and positivity in any situation even if he was facing his own struggles!  Memories of this man will forever be held dear, and will be remembered in times when we need them!  We all know he will be watching down as the future stories unfold in the shit show of the Brewster pool, pointing and laughing!

To the greatest ever,

You’ll be missed greatly, but never forgotten! Rest In Peace Sam Baird!

 oct 7, 1977 – July 15, 2023

After losing a friend, and dealing with the somber feeling of one of the boys being gone forever from the fleet.  Everyone pressed on and made the best out of a season that tested us all!

We enjoyed everyone that we got to fish with during this season and appreciate all of you for joining us! We can’t wait to get back up there next summer and spend time with all of our awesome customers and friends on the water!!!


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