Pacific Northwest Fishing


Our Steelhead fishery on the Columbia River does not always open but when it does it can be very good. We fish for these fish in the Hanford Reach out of Ringold from November 1st through March with the best months being November, early December, February, and March but be sure to check Wdfw Fishing regulations. Our main focus here is to catch these fish on lightweight tackle side drifting small presentations that absolutely drive these steelhead wild.  
Some other options for steelhead fishing packages that we have are in the mighty hells canyon on the snake river just outside of Asotin WA, near Clarkston WA. the fishing here can be very good and is one of the last remaining good steelhead fisheries on the eastern side of Washington State.  The scenery is INCREDIBLE and the river is wild! No better place to spend a day on the river with your favorite steelhead fishing guide.

Adam’s Northwest Fishing Adventures is your premier steelhead fishing guide in the Pacific Northwest. We have spent many years learning and practicing our steelhead fishing techniques to do our best to figure out when and where we need to fish, with what presentation.  We promise to you that we are going to put in maximum effort to make sure you enjoy your day of fishing, as well as feel like part of the crew. We welcome children of any age although you should keep in mind that steelhead fishing is usually in the coldest part of the year and tends to be more advanced fishing techniques to conquer these elusive “fish of a thousand casts”.


Enjoy a fun and fulfilling fishing experience with Adam’s Northwest Fishing Adventures! When you board our ship, you’re not just a passenger — you’re a valued member of our crew. We aim to ensure you’ll receive a nautical experience you’ll forever treasure.