Pacific Northwest Fishing


We are a premier White Sturgeon fishing guide service here on the Columbia River, a year-round fishery that provides an opportunity for any angler to catch the most epic freshwater fish in the world!  We have spotted these fish span from 12-inches all the way to 12-foot long giants!

White Sturgeon, being one of the largest freshwater fish on the map, is sure to impress any angler with their extremely hard pulling and their tendency to fly out of the water when hooked.

Some of the best months to target high quantities of sturgeon are April through August with some of our best fishing in November and early December.

Our best months to target oversized sturgeon (anything over about 5 feet long) begins in early May through the end of August although we will work hard to find oversized fish on any of our catch and release fishing trips.

oversized sturgeon fishing

Sturgeon fishing charters


Our Sturgeon fishing charters are a top favorite among our clients. We have put in the time, effort, and work on the water pursuing these fish to ensure that we can put you on them very well, day after day.  If you book one of these fishing trips with us, you will have the time of your life!  There is nothing that compares to the way that these fish fight!  

Book with us today for the most memorable trip of your life!

Keeper Sturgeon Season

Our keeper season in the John Day pool (between John Day Dam and McNary Dam) begins on January 1st of every year, this season is based on a quota in the section of the river that can change depending on sturgeon populations. Our quota is generally around 100 fish and the season can last anywhere from four weeks to two and a half months. To retain a White Sturgeon in this pool your fish must have a length of 43 inches to 54 inches from their nose to the inside of the fork in its tail. Be sure to watch wdfw fishing regulations for information on this season.


Most of our Sturgeon fishing guided trips are done in the John Day pool. We launch out of Plymouth, Washington, and fish the waters between Boardman, Oregon to McNary Dam.

The Hanford Reach is another place we like to target Sturgeon. This area can be extremely productive and holds lots of very large Sturgeon. This is the last free-flowing section of the Columbia River, strong currents plus big fish make for one heck of a fight that you’re sure to remember!

If you’re from out of town please ask us for recommendations on hotels closest to our fishing area. Or call THE LODGE AT COLUMBIA POINT for a very nice hotel reservation.


Enjoy a fun and fulfilling fishing experience with Adam’s Northwest Fishing Adventures! When you board our ship, you’re not just a passenger — you’re a valued member of our crew. We aim to ensure you’ll receive a nautical experience you’ll forever treasure.