WALLEYE Fishing on the Columbia River

Our WALLEYE fishing is off to an incredible start this year! as many of you know, we have an amazing fishery in eastern Washington for walleye. 365 days per year anglers can get out and chase these awesome fish (and have really good success as well!).  This Jan/feb our main focus is to get after eater sized walleye.  And the fishing has been nothing short of FANTASTIC!!  Our main technique has been jigging the deck in holes up and down the river. Most years, throughout the winter months we can hunt down loads of eater sized fish.  This great fishing should continue until the water temp starts to rise and the fish spread out across the river in march/April.

With that being said, the walleye fishing will still continue to produce well for the rest of the year the fish may just be a little more spread out and we will move to tactics such as trolling where we can cover water a bit faster.  We offer fully guided, daily walleye fishing trips in the John day pool for eater sized walleye until the later end of June so if you’re looking to get your family or group of friends out for a day of catching, this is an excellent opportunity with very good fishing!

winter time walleye guide

As always, Our promise to you is to be the hardest working guides on the river and put our time in on the river to ensure the success of your fishing trip!  If there is anything outside of our power that is causing sub par fishing conditions you’ll know about it before hand and you’ll be given an opportunity to reschedule at a different date for better fishing if you so wish.

We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible to make sure our customers days will be great and their money is well spent.

winter walleye fishing guide


This is a season where some of the largest walleye in the world are caught right here in our back yard, on the Columbia River.  In years past this has not been a trip that we offer, but demand for night fishing on the Columbia is growing and we are soon offering night trips for trophy walleye, so STAY TUNED on our social media for when we will do so.

walleye fishing near tri cities

                                                                             Here is our favorite walleye recipes


    In a Fishing family, seafood is a staple! there is many ways to cook up a walleye, and I’ve never tried one that isn’t delicious. During your fishing trip, never hesitate to ask your fishing guide for great recipes!