STURGEON Fishing in the Mid Columbia

Our STURGEON Fishing will be off and running in no time at all!  Water temps are warming up, river is pulling into nice shape for a great Spring/Summer white sturgeon catch and release season!  As we pull into April one of our main focuses will be searching for large sturgeon over 6 feet to give our customers the tug of their lifetime!  The tactic that works best for these brutes is casting large baits like salmon bellies, full squid, and other whole or cut baitfish into deep holes or flats where sturgeon like to feed.

Once this fishery fires off fishing will be epic and it will continue to be that way through the summer and fall until late November or early December.  These are among the favorite trips of us guides and many of our return customers that we offer because of the hard fights and the look we get to see on our customers faces the first time they lay eyes on these gentle giants! When you’re talking fish, there isn’t one that will give you more of a rush than a giant white sturgeon. 

Our availability can get very scarce in may and June as summer kicks off and everyone wants to be outside finally! so if this is a fishing trip that you’ve been wanting to go on, lets get you on the books as soon as possible!

oversized sturgeon fishing

As always, our promise to you is to be the hardest working guides on the river and put our time and effort in to ensure the success of your fishing trip!  If there is anything outside of our power that is causing sub par fishing conditions, you’ll know about it before hand and you’ll be given an opportunity to reschedule for a later date for better fishing if you wish.

We pride ourselves in being as transparent as possible to make sure our customers days will be great and their money is well spent!

sturgeon fishing

We love sturgeon fishing!!  so if you’re feeling tough, come join us and get up close and personal with the fish of your lifetime!

Call or Text Adam @ 509-440-2267 to book 

or head to our Reserve My Spot page and let us know to contact you!

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