Upcoming salmon seasons on the Columbia River


It is officially the best time of year!  The weather is getting better every day, the salmon are starting to flood the river, and very soon we will be out there for a few months chasing the fish that started our massive obsession with fishing…


-Sockeye fishing!

-Summer Kings!

-Fall kings!

-coho season in the gorge!

+ Some snippets from the greatest fishing lodge in the state of Alaksa (who ill be joining for another coho season in aug and sept.)


Our sockeye season here on the Columbia River will begin for us around the 20th of June in the hanford reach. We will fish between the hanford reach and wanapum dam until the 8th of July in which we have only a few open days left to book.  Fishing in these  two areas is always very productive and limits are typically the name of the game!  A little bit of fast paced plunking in the reach and some wild water trolling at wanapum, both are very exciting and will FOR SURE be a great fishing trip that you’ll remember forever. After the 10th of July we will be stationed in northern Washington fishing in the Brewster pool. It is likely that you’ve heard lots about this fishery in the last few years if you live in the Pacific Northwest.  This has become our fastest to book season out of the entire year because of the EPIC FISHING!  Between our two boats we only have a handful of seats left for the whole season up here and two days (one on Adam’s boat and one on Cole’s boat) that are wide open for larger groups.  Typically If our runs are good and fishing is better than expected as the season goes on we will open up our books for a second round of groups each day. If you didn’t get a chance to book, follow our social media page. If we do happen to open to more booking, this is where it will be announced first. Call or text us today @ 509-440-2267 or click here to book your sockeye fishing trip.
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Summer kings are epic! most of the time when we catch these power house kings is a bi-catch in all of the fisheries were we are targeting sockeye! With light action rods  small line and small gear the only option is to play these fish out and see if you can outlast them! There is nothing better than a battle with a king salmon on light tackle! As of right now, our sockeye/summer king season is nearly booked out purely with sockeye anglers we don’t have any plans to go too far off the beaten path to chase summer kings exclusively (like chela falls), BUT if this is the fish that you would like to catch mostly, please make sure to tell us at booking at we will make the changes we need to in gear to make sure you’ve got the best opportunity possible to catch your big summer king! call or text us today @ 509-440-2267 or click here to book your summer king fishing trip!
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HERE is a fishery that we hold near and dear in Eastern Washington! from early September clear through the end of October, We get to salmon fish on the last remaining free flowing section of the Columbia River!  Though the fishing action can vary year to year, this is a breath-taking beautiful place to fish, and is typically good fishing! Most of our fishing takes place downstream trolling with 360 flashers, super baits and spinners which makes for a great day of fishing, covering TONS AND TONS of water and getting to see everything that the Columbia River has carved out of the desert! If you want to fish the upper end of the hanford reach, you’ll get to see a good portion of the hanford nuclear reservation, and the reactors from the boat (if you’re into that). More than likely a herd of deer or possibly some of the famous giant elk that roam out in that area! These fishing trips are great for anglers of any age! Potential of catching a massive salmon up to 40 pounds could totally be in the cards! This season tends to book up very fast so it is usually a good idea to get you trip on the books sooner rather than later as a good chunk of our season is already booked up. Call or text us today @ 509-440-2267 or click here to book your king salmon trip on the hanford reach!
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The Coho salmon fishing in the Columbia River gorge can be some of the most fast paced epic fishing in the region. this year we have already begun booking this very short season. As of now we are planning to fish the mouth of the klickitat river for the first 3 weeks of November. The scenery here is BEAUTIFUL, the fishing is very good and the temps outside finally will be starting to cool off after a long summer! the weather can be a bit unpredictable in the gorge in November and we will always choose to keep our passengers safe over catching a fish so we will be sure to keep a close eye on it in the days leading up to your trip! As always, if the weather is going to hinder your day of fishing you’ll be given an opportunity to reschedule for another day in hopes for better weather! Call or text us today @ 509-440-2267 or click here to book your Columbia River gorge coho salmon trip!
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From August 8, 2023 until September 16, 2023 Capt. Adam will be NORTH fishing at the TOGIAK RIVER LODGE for Coho salmon.  Although this place has quickly become our favorite place on the planet, we are not able to accommodate anglers every year while we are up there fishing.


We were able to get a second vessel up and running early in 2023 so for the first time we will be able to get you guys on the water in august and early September!  Captain Cole Risley who you can read about on our ABOUT page will still be back in the Pacific Northwest rounding off our summer with some WALLEYE, and catch and release STURGEON fishing in august and he will lead off our fall chinook season on the hanford reach starting in early September!


This place during coho season is guaranteed to make the most memorable fishing trip you’ve been on! The staff at the lodge are all 100% class acts, the food is amazing, and the fishing is something you’ve only heard about! From catching your first salmon on top water baits, to twitching jigs, you’ll catch fish until your arms tell you to stop! The fact that you’ll actually have a legitimate wood building (unlike a lot of remote lodges) to sleep in is the icing on the cake! If you ever find yourself here you’ll be treated like royalty and you WILL NOT want to leave!